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The Voca App provides creators, service providers, and other diverse communities with an engaging experience that can’t be found elsewhere. By enabling creators to monetize their time while connecting and growing with others from around the world, The Voca App is changing the future of virtual communication as we know it.

StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform where anyone can sign up as an Angel Investor and invest into small businesses like us. And our StartEngine campaign is officially live!

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new way for companies to raise capital; it was signed into U.S. Law in 2016. (JOBS Act for CF Regulation)

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The future of podcast creation and community.

Our mission is to lower the bar for others to easily create and distribute their podcasts in a world where podcasting is becoming a necessary form of relevant media. Not only for existing podcasters, but also for business leaders, brands, creators, and you!

Podcasting made simple.

Creating podcast material just got a whole lot easier. With The Voca App, you can say goodbye to confusing distribution platforms and create and upload your podcast without ever leaving our app.

Voca Audio coming soon (pictured right).

Featuring diverse and exciting topics for every audience.

We only highlight the content you want to see. Every time.

Cocktail Creations
Discord Tutorials
Film Reviews
Home & Garden
Web 3.0
Tattoo Artists

Posting vs. Private

Our platform is not only unique for its easy podcast creation capabilities, but also because we allow you to have non-recorded video and audio calls as well!

From consultations to pre-podcast prep to celebrity meet-ups, the possibilities are endless, honestly.

Think of this as our little gift to you.


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