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Frequently Asked Questions


When will all the Voca podcasting features be ready?

Our team is working hard to raise the capital to invest into our product roadmap. As soon as we are able, Voca will become fully submerged into podcasting and become the app it was always meant to be.

Put simply, we're still very early in tackling our vision, but we hope you see where we plan to go and believe in that vision!


What is a Voca?

Vocas are video and audio calls between you and another person (right now, 1:1) that can either be free or have a monetary value. To put it simply, a Voca is your podcast


How do I create a Voca?

You can go to others' Voca profiles and directly request a Voca with them. You can also schedule a Voca for others to book directly from Explore or your personal profile.


Do all Vocas post?

No. You have the ability to decide if you want your Voca to be Posted or Private. This step is done in the initial Voca creation process.


What happens to Private Vocas?

One of our core values is providing a secure environment to protect vulnerable people. In order to make sure all Voca content on our platform not only abides by our Policy but places no person in danger, we keep a secure record of all Private Vocas for 30 days after the Voca is over. After the 30 day period, unless the Private Voca violated Voca's Policy, the Private Voca will be permanently deleted from our database where they will not be able to be accessed again.


What happens if I archive a Voca?

You may archive all content which has been posted. However, keep in mind that archiving a Voca archives it everywhere, so it will also be removed from the other person's profile and Home feed.


What do I do if I experience bugs?

Well, first we ask that you give us some grace. We're still earlyyy, which means you very well may experience some technical difficulties.

But don't fret -- just email us at the button above and tell us! We want to help!

Thank you for your patience in advance ;)


Is Voca App globally available yet?

For iPhone users, yes. For Android users, we're still working on it.

That doesn't mean we have a favorite child, it just means we had to prioritize one over the other initially and we chose iOS because we're an America-based company and iOS is the most adopted platform domestically.

Don't worry -- global use is coming soon! Until then, hop into the Voca Discord to still be a part of our thriving community!


How do I find Voca on the App Store?

For one, we have a TON of links to visit our direct page on the App Store.

Otherwise, try typing "Voca Podcasting" and POOF we're the only search results. hehe


Why is The Voca App not on Google Play?

Well, funny enough, it is. But it's not exactly "The Voca App." It's still our old branding name, "Kliggit."

Why? Because, whenever you develop an app, you either create both platforms at the same time using programming language like React Native, which has some interesting restrictions, OR you sacrifice one platform and only build the other.

We built both at the same time, BUT whenever we implemented our rebrand, we only had enough resources to do it for one platform at the time, and we're primarily focusing on domestic growth first, so we have to choose the U.S.'s primary mobile provider -- iOS.

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